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We are issuing a Call to Action:
Will you answer? 

Housing Call to Action

Join a collaboration of housing partners across Topeka including

  • Topeka JUMP,

  • Habitat for Humanity,

  • Cornerstone, and

  • Housing and Credit Counseling Inc.

We want at least $5 million of Topeka's $47 million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to be allocated to the Housing Trust Fund for affordable housing. Providers would apply for funds to support weatherization, aging in place, helping residents address code violations, building more rental units, and boosting home ownership.

Click here to send a PERSONALIZED letter to your elected official, today. 

Payday Loan Reform Call to Action

Kansans for Payday Loan Reform was established in the Fall of 2019. We are a grassroots coalition across the state of Kansas who support bipartisan legislation that will protect Kansans from predatory lending practices and usury while maintaining access to credit.


House Bill 2189 was drafted in 2021 and sent to the House Financial Institutions Committee. It remains there until the Chair of the Committee decides to put the bill on the agenda for a vote. This could have been done in March 2021, but without more pressure from the public the bill will die.

Send a PERSONALIZED letter to your legislator, today by clicking here. You can customize the text to tell your legislator why 391% interest offends your values.

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