We are issuing a Call to Action:
Will you answer? 

Housing Call to Action

Join a collaboration of housing partners across Topeka including

  • Topeka JUMP,

  • Habitat for Humanity,

  • Cornerstone, and

  • Housing and Credit Counseling Inc.

We want at least $5 million of Topeka's $47 million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to be allocated to the Housing Trust Fund for affordable housing. Providers would apply for funds to support weatherization, aging in place, helping residents address code violations, building more rental units, and boosting home ownership.

Click here to send a PERSONALIZED letter to your elected official, today. 

Violence Reduction Call to Action

In 2019, JUMP rallied local law enforcement, the District Attorney, and the County Commission to implement a new strategy for dealing with shootings in Topeka. This remains an urgent matter as shootings still plague our community and torment involved families.

The new strategy is known as Group Violence Intervention - locally called S.A.V.E. Once implemented, SAVE can reduce shootings by 30% to 60% in the first year. Money and staff are in place.


Training has happened for more than 12 months, yet there is no movement when shootings occur. We need this strategy to begin intervening with involved families immediately!

Urge District Attorney Mike Kagay to begin intervention with group members and involved parties immediately. And urge him to use all core parts of the proven model--Group Violence Intervention. Through intervention, we can prevent retaliation and identify the families most urgent need for survival. Click here to send him a letter.