Doing Justice in Shawnee County, Kansas 

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This is a historic time for our city budget! Researchers say COVID relief monies that are pouring into cities from the Federal government are freeing up money in local budgets.  Cities are now able to to fund projects that have been on the back burner. We support the affordable housing trust fund being factored into Topeka's plan to help families recover from COVID-19.

We want the City Manager to move $5 million dollars of out of the $47 million into the housing trust fund by January 2022 as a one time allocation to seed on-going affordable housing efforts.  Click to complete this petition so the City Manager knows just how many people want a significant down payment into the trust fund.

Our Mission

To provide a powerful vehicle for marginalized groups in Shawnee County, Kansas to fight for justice.

“What does the LORD require of you? To do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Micah 6:8

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